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Last week I received two vaccines that are not directly related to the Coronavirus, but they might help by preventing or reducing severe throat and lung infection in case of possible disease.

VaxiFlu vaccine was administered in the right arm. It lasts less than a  year.

VaxPneumonia vaccine was administered in the left arm. It lasts 5 years. The price for each shot was 30€, but the Municipality of Stockholm offers these vaccinations free of charge to the city population over 65 years. I asked about the vaccine against Corona and got the answer:

The Covid-19 vaccination will start after New Year for Healthcare workers,  Elderly Care Home Residents. People over 80 will get their first doses in January to March. We might hopefully get our vaccines in late in April.

Sweden with a population of 10.5 million is one of the bravest countries in Europe. Despite the 10.000 deaths from Covid-19 in the last 10 months, restaurants, bars, and cafes are open until 22 o’clock.

Some youngsters between the ages of 19-29 do not respect regulations properly! Especially weekends after work or school, they go to crowded cafes and bars to have a cup of coffee or a beer and stay there for hours. If there is one infected person without symptoms he can transmit the virus to 10 people. These 10 people can next week infect 100 people in school, workplace, public transport, and elderly nursing homes. Thus the contamination is growing!

Even though wearing a face mask is not obligatory or recommended in Sweden, we’ve been always using masks when going out shopping in the local market, pharmacies, etc. When we have to go to the city center, we usually prefer between rush hours to ride on a train to get to the center, since it takes only 9 minutes (full ticket 3.5 €, student/elderly 2.5 €).

Interestingly, when we get on the train in masks,  passengers (swedes and immigrants mostly from Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa) in the compartment immediately get up and go far from us! Although all EU governments recommend masks Swedish Health Agency has not recommended using masks! Let’s see how long Swedish authority’s obsessive behavior can continue?

Yesterday I drove our car to a Tire Company to change the winter tires. I had to talk to two staff members from Africa there from 1.5m distance: I had a surgical mask, they did not have. That’s life! 22.11.2020

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UPDATE 12 April 2021 -We got our first Biontech-Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot at Älvsjö Mässan Fair Center

UPDATE 22 May 2021 -We got our second Biontech-Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot at the Odenplan

UPDATE 12 December 2021 -We got Biontech-Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine shot at Karolinska University Hospital.

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